December 30, 2015

In-Network Mobile Recording is implemented by the Mobile Network Operator and provided as an Over-The-Top Service to their business customers.  Traditionally call recording was used in the Contact Centers helping to monitor employee performance and customer satisfaction, however since then the demand, functionality and use of call recording has expanded rapidly.

As today’s customers interact over an increasing number of media platforms , including voice, video, chat, email and social media the recording systems have become more sophisticated to record interactions across these platforms.  Regulation based around financial transactions has recognized the need to record business related mobile calls, text chat and pin to pin messages.

As a Mobile service provider offering In-Network Mobile Recording can provide a competitive advantage helping attract and retain those high-value customers through providing  the following benefits:-  

1.       Meeting regulatory and mandatory compliance

In-Network Mobile Recording helps companies to ensure their compliance with the financial regulatory bodies. As the number of media platforms have increased industry regulatory organizations have identified the need for the recording of calls on mobiles, text chat, video, email etc.  The advantage of In-Network Mobile Recording is that this service is provided at the network level.  This makes the management of the call recording system much simpler for companies, eliminating the possibility of the end user being able bypass or switch off the recording function. It also means they don’t have to deal with the complexities that would be involved in ensuring a premised based solution would record the mobile users interactions regardless of location, thus customers are able to remain compliant at all times.

2.       Improving the customer Experience

In-Network Mobile recording helps companies to ensure they are delivering the desired customer experience within each interaction the customer has with their organization, regardless of whether this is a call in to a Company’s contact center, an email or even a phone call from a sales representative. Businesses can use the call recordings to gain a clear understand of the customer experience throughout their journey with them, gathering business intelligence from the recording and using these to help improve training and identify areas of improvement.

3.       Risk / Liability Management

In-Network recording helps to ensure you have a complete record of any instructions / agreements made with the customer, providing an exact record of the communications to provide evidence should any dispute arise allowing for complete event reconstruction.  It is also important to many organizations (such as those in the finance sector) to have the ability to analyze call recordings in order to help them identify any potential fraud from within the business sooner.

4.       Increasing Staff Productivity

In-Network call recording provides management with better information and visibility of the calls / customer interactions made by members of staff. Reviewing the interactions can help with staff training to improve employee performance and efficiency with greater visibility of employee interactions, it also helps with the management of remote workers.

In-Network recording also delivers a number of other major benefits to the customer as opposed to alternative methods, these include a seamless end user experience, as there is no service set-up delay and no disruption to the users device. In addition the In-Network solutions benefit from being handset agnostic, meaning that companies are not restricted to a certain make of handset and the ability to provide roaming coverage.