eBilling and Analytics Defined

There are many reasons why companies use eBilling and Analysis software. The ability to analyze each invoice can help monitor and control telephony expenses saving businesses of all sizes time and money.

Billing systems are a critical element of any business; the investment for these systems can often be the most substantial infrastructure cost to a company.

Integration of the Analysis tools to billing platforms increases customer retention through improved tool-sets for the management of the customer’s telecommunications expenses with online access, on-demand and flexible reporting in a manner that provides independence and builds trust between the biller and their customer.

Billing systems providers, ISV’s, and the providers of managed billing services are those most often tasked with the delivery of these tools.

As businesses increase their communications investments, there is a growing need to see exactly where their money is being spent.

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Who Benefits from eBilling and Analytics?

  • Small to medium sized businesses use the solution to help filter out numbers for tracking abuse and sift through lengthy phone bills.
  • Any company with multiple locations is able to upload multiple bills and easily review a consolidated analysis on a corporate level.
  • End users experience improved cost allocation through rapid and comprehensive usage transparency
  • Service providers experience reduced demand on customer service centres

As businesses increase their communications investments, there is a growing need to see exactly where the money is being spent. With the current pressure on operational budgets, organizations need automated tools that enable them to have complete visibility into their telecom expenditures, and the ability to easily monitor, audit and control costs and usage across their entire organization.

To assist businesses in managing and analyzing their invoices, our solutions deliver a feature-rich, invoice management, analysis and reporting tool that helps you control, analyze and validate your monthly communications bills.

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