Managed Services Plans

Count on CTI Group to not only support your solution – have us manage it. With our Managed Services packages, your company can maximize its investment by combining the power of the Proteus Product Suite with the technical skills and knowledge of CTI Group’s expert staff.  By using Managed Services, your company will get the most out of the Proteus solution – increasing potential cost savings by improving network efficiency – all while freeing up critical internal IT resources.

Managed Services I

Customers with Gold or Platinum support plans are entitled to Managed Services I. This enhanced support offering includes:

  • Daily system monitoring by a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • In-depth reports that outline system trends, analyze network traffic, and identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Quarterly meetings with the TAM for system-wide health assessments (Optimal support only)

Managed Services II

CTI Group’s expert team will fully manage and optimize the Proteus solution for your company. Taking professional support to the next level, this package includes:

  • System setup and configuration on the front end (establishing user accounts, organizing data, managing carriers)
  • Expedited customer change requests and troubleshooting
  • In-depth reports and supporting data on-demand

Managed Services III

Managed Services III is the highest level of support offered at CTI Group.  This comprehensive support offering includes:

  • All the features offered in Managed Services I and II
  • A fully hosted system on CTI Group servers
  • All needed hardware and hardware maintenance
  • System back-ups and managed system SNMP monitoring

Call 1-866-845-2991 or email to enquire about adding CTI Group Managed Services.


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Managed Services Plans

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  • Free up internal IT resources
  • Trim costs & gain efficiencies
  • Optimise your network’s potential
  • Make data and intelligence actionable