Our History

Since 1989 CTI Group has been helping to redefine the value of business intelligence derived from recording and analysing communication data.

Our history is best told through a series of milestones. These past achievements have contributed to our successful growth over the years.

2015 – Became an Enghouse Networks Company

2015 – Launched SmartDiscover – A Business Intelligence framework designed to help Telecom Operators use customer data to maintain a competitive advantage.

2014 Proteus Enterprise Certified for Skype for Business

2014 Launched ‘Advanced’ Solution for Carrier Based Mobile Recording

2013 Launched Analysis OTS, New, Fast & Powerful Analytics Solution for Midrange Telco Service Provider Market

2013 Launched Cloud Based Call Recording Integration for Cisco HCS and BroadSoft platforms

2013 Released ‘Analysis RT‘ to help prevent ‘Bill Shock’

2012 Released ‘Trader Compliance‘ to meet new Dodd Frank requirements

2011 Launched SmartInteraction Suite for Contact Center Interaction Recording and Quality Management

2010 Deployed SmartRecord® to 65% of Broadsoft Hosted VoIP Providers

2010 Deployed Analysis to 6 carriers and VoIP applications to 19 carriers

2009 Deployed first Analysis for MNC billing solution for Telefonica

2008 Launched high available online billing: Analysis

2007 Launched first hosted VoIP management and call recording: SmartRecord®

2007 CTI Group restructure to focus eBilling in Blackburn and start-up VoIP development in Indy

2006 CTI Group acquire Ryder Systems Ltd, Blackburn UK

2005 CTI Group launch online billing analysis applications

2000 Centillion’s merger with CTI Group into public company

1992 Launched first PC based billing for Sprint

1991 Centillion patent SmartBill

1989 Centillion (Compucon) invents PC based bill analysis

Our solutions represent over 30 years of demonstrable experience in the telecom sector. Our services are regularly audited by service providers and unfailingly meet the high standards they set.