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CTI Group is a global provider of innovative carrier-grade software solutions and services which empower organizations to gain strategic competitive advantage from their communications data. We understand that your communication platforms are one of the most significant expenses and valuable assets of your organization.

We invented and patented the first billing analytics system for Telcos, back in the days when an IBM PC had a green screen and an Apple Mac was the only GUI. This was so revolutionary that the leading US carriers of the day took one of our solutions to market for their major business customers. Europe was further behind as per-second billing was not available at that point in time and therefore all analytics and management had to be provided via the premise switch or PBX; hence the evolution of our Proteus suite of telecoms management solutions. Europe then caught up with mobile systems with the launch of Analysis for mobile phones on 2001.

Even our most recent moves into VoIP applications have roots back in the early days of VoIP in 1998, when CTI Group were asked to develop the first management and analytics solution for integrated voice and data switches, at a time when most of our competitors were still on V.24 connections to a PBX. Man of our customers who bought those early products in the 1990’s are still customers on our latest versions with all the bells and whistles that are essential to successfully manage solutions deployed in a unified communications environment today.

Customer Care Comes First

Our focused approach to caring for our customers, even in the most trying situations, is one of the reasons why the both stay and     continue to upgrade to the latest versions, or in the case of Service Providers, add more and more of their most valued customers to our online billing and interaction recording applications. We are fortunate to have Service Providers who have been customers for over 20 years and are proud to protect over $30B of revenues they invoice from their business customers.

Over 90% of our Proteus customers renew and upgrade their systems every year, including some of the largest multi-national organizations in the world. Our hosted VoIP Interaction Recording solutions continue to grow and are now deployed and trusted by more than 20 Service Providers worldwide providing VoIP network-based recording on both landlines and mobiles. These same systems allow major corporates to provide distributed contact centres.

Our ‘Start-up’ Attitude

CTI Group has the can-do attitude of a start-up. We have the best products and solutions in our niches and employ the best people to develop, sell, manage and support them, which is why we continually win deals against considerably larger competitors. Successful business is always a partnership where both parties succeed. That is always our objective. In today’s evolving market, no one can be an expert at everything, therefore we partner with companies who have complimentary solutions to deliver a winning combination. This means our solutions are usually white-labelled, renamed and tightly integrated with our partner solutions.

How do we stay ahead?

We are not afraid to take the next big step to win business or market share. Combine this with our commitment to carry our customers with us means we can always stay one step ahead of the advancing competition.

We help our customers to help their customers ‘Go Green’. We are on board with the idea that using online billing helps reduce the effects of climate change. Consumer phone bills pay a huge climate cost in energy and the loss of our trees. Just imagine the cost if as a company that monthly bill arrived by the truckload-  which was the norm before CTI Group’s Analysis online solutions became available.  We are proud that our solutions are helping to encourage users to migrate to online billing.

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CTI Group is a global leader for online Service Provider billing solutions, contact centre recording applications and communication analytics solutions for carriers, enterprises and multi-national corporations worldwide.

Key Facts

  • $16 Million in Revenue
  • 130 Global Employees
  • Over 60% of revenue from International Operations
  • Over 30 years experience of telecom data analytics
  • Over 10 Tier 1 Communication Service Provider Customers
  • Technology leader in online billing analytics
  • A market leader in hosted communication recording
  • A market leader in telecom management for international financial markets

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“CTI Group has a start-up   attitude, with over 25 years of maturity, innovation and excellence.”

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