Proteus® Enterprise – for Corporations

The latest fully scalable version of Proteus® brings it into line with the rest of our product portfolio by providing a comprehensive management and provisioning framework for delivering Proteus® in the Cloud. Additionally, our Trader customers will gain major benefits from the recent improvements, in particular through the new client database that provides storage and reporting of all client data and communications.

Principle business needs addressed by Proteus® Enterprise:

  • Cost and revenue optimization- Analyze telephone costs in real time. Respond to cost triggers and trends. Compare multiple carrier rates.
  • Cost allocation within a company- Assign costs to departments and employees for chargeback. Schedule cost reports to Finance and Human Resources teams.
  • Service billing- Allocate costs to account codes and produce billing reports for client phone usage.
  • Network optimization- Monitor effectiveness of network, network utilization, and network capacity in real time. Respond to real time triggers and trends. Identify over-utilized and under-utilized trunks. Monitor call-routing effectiveness, abandoned calls, agent utilization and many other network aspects.
  • Staff activity- Report on employee calling activities and patterns. Measure key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Security and compliance- Monitor telecom activity and set thresholds to alert on suspected fraudulent activity. Monitor telephony systems to ensure availability of this business critical infrastructure.

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Proteus® offers a solution to centralize the reporting and business intelligence from your voice communications. Secure and efficient, our call accounting and management tool includes a real-time costing engine to cost calls using PBX data; carrier costs comparison and cost allocation; real-time fraud detection, analysis of over, under, or unused assets with trend reporting; measurement of key performance indicators across your voice network; comparison of different carrier rates in multiple currencies; and mobile spend management. Proteus tools also enable cost center allocation, charge back and network analysis of items like call routing, abandon calls, DID utilization, etc.

 Proteus ® Enterprise - a solution which centralizes the reporting and business intelligence from your voice communications Proteus ® Enterprise – a solution which centralizes the reporting and business intelligence from your voice communications

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