Proteus® Office

Proteus® Office is the Essential Tool for Any Business

Any business manager knows that effectively managing a telephone system to ensure efficiency and cost optimization can be time consuming. For this reason the monitoring of telephony activity and expenditure is often overlooked. Proteus® Office is a comprehensive tool that allows business managers to effortlessly monitor and manage their telephone system, frequently producing a return on investment (ROI) in less than 4 months by identifying immediate cost savings.

The Information you Need  –  Delivered Straight to your Desk !

With a choice of over 30 easy-to-use reporting templates and a custom report generator, Proteus® Office is the fastest way to ensure that telephony activity and expenditure is controlled. Reports can be run at anytime, or they can be scheduled to be delivered automatically via email, for example billing reports can be scheduled for delivery at the start of each month. Business managers can now effortlessly monitor call volumes and costs by company, department, individual teams and employees.

Features to benefit any business

  • Easy to read reports – in data and graphical formats
  • Efficient and simplified call accounting – delivering tools for informed decision making over one of your most important business assets – telephony. 
  • Short ROI for your business – helping you identify cost savings and optimize future expenditure almost immediately.
  • Try before you buy – 30 day free trial built in
  • Free – wallboard functionality

Business Benefits

  • Validate telephone bills
  • Allocate telephony costs across your business
  • Identify cost savings by optimizing call plans, eliminating unused assets and eliminating telephone misuse
  • Measure customer response and handling times
  • Identify missed or unanswered calls
  • Monitor employee productivity

Feature Benefits

  • Fast to deploy out-of-box soluion
  • Over 30 standard reports with the option to define specific report parameters
  • Scheduled reporting for automatic delivery by email
  • Repot export formats include Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML
  • Manage your organizational structure for department and person level reporting
  • Real-time analysis of calls
  • Wallboard for displaying key PBX activity
  • Support for PIN numbers and account code
  • Multiple categories of reporting including billing, departmental, by extension, by person, by response time and by traffic
  • Call cost calculator for comparing the cost of different call types with alternative tariffs
  • Sophisticated, active, graphical user interface
  • Dashboard to give a ‘Wallboard’ overview

 Proteus ® Office - A total call management solution for small and medium sized businesses.  Proteus ® Office – A total call management solution for small and medium sized businesses.

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