Telephone fraud and hacking is estimated to cost companies 5 billion in the UK and more than 40 billion a year world-wide.

Fraud Guard provides comprehensive real time telecoms monitoring and alerting, with threshold triggers and trend reporting. It provides a flexible way to control voice costs and guard against the misuse or abuse of voice systems.

Industry experts agree that solutions such as Fraud Guard often provide valuable early warning of an attack.


Proteus® VoIP QMS is designed for businesses demanding better performance from their VoIP network. It offers high-quality, real time, graphical monitoring of call information such as jitter, latency, packet-loss, mean opinion score (MOS), call count, average call duration and bandwidth utilization.

NEW – Proteus® VoIP QMS is now also available for Skype for Business users.


The Proteus® Mobile Module now enables Proteus® Enterprise customers to report on employee fixed-line and mobile call activity in a single view.

  • Allocating an asset to a person.
  • Reporting by department and cost center.
  • Reporting by switch (each carrier is treated as a separate switch).
  • Separately identify mobile handset and mobile 3G devices.
  • Enables split bill capabilities to address the fact that one quarter of all calls made on business cell phones are non-business related. Now allowing the company to stop paying for personal calls, data transfers, etc.


Personal Call Management is a utility and set of reports that allows a company to manage personal call usage and tracking. This may be important to the company for a number of reasons, including offsetting tax against business calls and charging back personal calls to employees.


PBX Manager provides Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) between your PBX and the Proteus® application. Three key additional Proteus functions are offered by the module.

  • Click-2-dial provides users with seamless dialling from the Proteus® Online Directory.
  • Phone Guardian allows administrators to define active and inactive times for handsets, disabling handsets during inactive hours.
  • Fraud Guard includes additional alert triggers than can disable an extension when a predefined threshold is reached.


Multi-tenant Manager is a utility that gives Service Providers a method of managing Proteus® as a hosted service using a multi-tenant cloud-based Proteus® system.


Enables you to keep track of what changes have been made to your Organisation, e.g. changes to Departments, People and Extensions. This essential function will help you to control your spend as it moves throughout your company structure enabling you to effectively manage and control costs.

The Proteus® Data Audit Engine can be scheduled to run automatically and reports organisational changes in the Telecom Management screens of the main Proteus application.