CTI Group’s ‘Analysis’ eBilling Solution Resolves Regional Taxation Issues 

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. (OTC:CTIG), a global provider of carrier-grade software solutions and services which empower organizations through communication analytics, today announced that the latest release of their ‘Analysis’ eBilling solution now has improved regional tax reporting for business usage. This latest update comes as a direct result of changes to tax reporting requirements within the Telecoms industry across a number of regional markets.

Beginning 2015, telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services will be taxed in the country where the customer resides or is registered. This applies whether the customer is a business or a consumer and whether the supplier is based within the EU or outside. From a business perspective, it is either the country where they are registered or the country where they have fixed premises receiving the service. For a consumer this means the country where they are registered, have their permanent address or normally live. This is a substantial change from prior EU taxation rates which were based on the location of the supplier; hence the new EU legislation sees taxation migrating from purchase to consumption.

Trevor Davis, Head of Products at CTI Group, commented, “This latest version of our Analysis solution now delivers a higher degree of granularity of taxation for Telecoms services allowing business users to complete tax filings accurately across all the regions in which they operate and bill. Many service providers currently use billing systems that neither recognize nor detail taxation, therefore our solution ensures that they can now offer their business customers a highly relevant and distinctive ‘value-add’ service which will ensure they remain competitive and compliant.”

About CTI Group – CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. is an international provider of electronic invoice processing and management, enterprise communications management software and services solutions, and carrier class voice over internet protocol (VoIP) management applications. CTI Group’s Analysis, SmartBill®, SmartRecord® and Proteus® product suites offer Carriers a full array of Cloud-based, real-time solutions for traffic analysis, post-billing call analysis, customer care and call recording. CTI Group’s products are used by some of the top service providers in North America and Europe, and play a trusted role in managing telephony costs at major corporations internationally. Headquartered in Indianapolis, CTI Group maintains overseas offices in London and Blackburn, UK. For more information, please visit CTI Group’s website at enghousenetworks.com/ctigroup.

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