SmartCapture extends and completes the call handler recording process by linking the voice record with the corresponding visual recording of the desktop activity. Voice and video can be played back together or isolated individually. This capability is extremely beneficial for service improvement, compliance, training and general oversight.

SmartCapture is used by contact center managers to ensure agent compliance and to improve the quality of customer interactions by recording not only the audio portion of the interaction with the customer, but also what is on the agent’s desktop at the time of the call. 

The screen recording module enables capture of desktop information while the call is in progress. Screen capture is initiated as soon as the call is received and ends when the call terminates.

The screen recording can be played back within the SmartRecord® program simultaneously with the audio recording. Users can also have the video emailed to an address of their choosing by selecting the export button. Alternatively they can download the recording direct to their PC or laptop.

From the screen recordings dashboard users can filter recordings by:

  • Employee
  • Date/Time
  • Duration

 SmartCapture. SmartCapture.

A Value-add module for SmartRecord®