A Business Intelligence Framework Helping Telecom Operators Use Customer Data to Maintain a Competitive Advantage.

Think how agile your business would be if key business decision makers could analyze your customer data quickly and easily, without requiring specialist data skills.

Telco Service Providers utilize a wide range of management information systems which consolidate customer data from multiple sources around their business. Distilling intelligence from these systems requires a great deal of time combined with the services of skilled data scientists – both of which come at a heavy cost to any business.

SmartDiscover has been designed to solve some of your most significant customer data analytics challenges. It does this by providing a system that consolidates information across multiple data silos (principally multiple billing systems) and presenting it within an easily consumed web-based business intelligence framework using a number of user-focused viewpoints. It provides you with key business data analysis, including revenue and profitability assurance, customer life-cycle management and product effectiveness. The information is then quickly and easily interpreted by key decision makers throughout your business, such as Finance Directors, Sales Directors, Account Managers and Product and Marketing Directors.

The highly customizable filter options provide a perfect framework for comparing historic data with what-if analysis, allowing informed business decisions to be made that will help any Telecoms operator maintain a competitive advantage.

SmartDiscover is a web based data analytics solution that incorporates an easy to interpret dashboard, which means you don’t require any specialist ‘data scientist’ skills to directly leverage your customer data to:

  • Track & Defend Revenue
  • Pinpoint Profitable and Unprofitable Customers
  • Compare Revenue Growth with Traffic Growth
  • Increase Customer Retention and ARPU
  • Measure Sales Effectiveness
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Identify growth opportunities and micro markets
  • Monetize your data

SmartDiscover is not a ‘Big Data’ solution  –  it’s a ‘Skinny Data’ solution.

What’s the difference?

‘Big Data’ is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional methods; hence it requires big investments and big efforts.

‘Skinny Data’ focuses on filtering out irrelevant data and presenting summarized results that are both relevant and timely. It does this across multiple data sources such as contact center, billing and CRM data. Data is only useful if it is used in a smart way and ‘data smart’ companies are those who can combine information from multiple systems quickly and easily to empower many different users across their business.

SmartDiscover Benefits

Designed to pro-actively identify unusual information and trends, highlighting significant changes from one time period to another, without the end user needing to search for these.

Quickly consolidates your data into one view with multiple account contact points and presents it back in a user friendly format.

Uses a business intelligence user interface and reporting framework that allows your proprietary systems data to help you:

  • Segment & Target Customers
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Pinpoint Micro Markets
  • Measure Sales Effectiveness
  • Track & Defend Revenue
  • Identify Profitable Revenue
  • Increase Loyalty and Reduce Churn
  • Implement Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Build a ‘data monetization’ strategy

SmartDiscover Key Features

An access-from-anywhere solution which delivers business intelligence that can easily be interpreted by many different  users –  without the need for specialist data mining skills.

It enables Finance Directors and Company Strategists, to determine important revenue trends and spot market opportunities.

The anytime, anywhere web access supports the growing demand in customer self-service for bill presentation and spend management.

It provides sales and revenue analysis for sales managers and  account managers including profitability.

The intuitive framework supports the development of a ‘Data Monetization’ strategy *

Gartner reports that less than 10% of Fortune 1000 companies have a data monetization strategy and project that 30% of businesses will monetize their data and information assets by 2016

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Rik Turner, Senior Analyst at Ovum says, “Anyone seeking to harness the power of Big Data often faces the needle-in-a –haystack scenario of getting to the desired business insight within the appropriate time frame. There is clearly a need in the market for technology that not only enables companies to analyse Big Data, but also helps them discard data that isn’t germane to what they’re researching and home in more quickly on what’s relevant.”

“I thought we had a good data analytics solution in place . . . .  then I saw SmartDiscover!”

Tier1 Service Provider

2 of our current Tier 1 customers are using   SmartDiscover to review a number of their large corporate customers prior to account renewal negotiations.

A great way to achieve value added customer service.