The days of listening to every call are over.

SmartListen is a value-add module for SmartRecord® Professional that provides unlimited access to the real-time audio mining system. It is a fully integrated solution for real time speech analytics using phonetic based indexing with automatic categorization of calls based on pre-established criteria. SmartListen is the gateway to the voice of the customer.

SmartListen’s audio mining allows organizations to utilize speech analytics to index recordings phonetically for easy retrieval and reporting.

SmartListen allows users to quickly and easily find those important calls for:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Liability protection
  • Dispute management

It provides quality evaluators with easier access to the calls most relevant for evaluation, including those calls from customers who may not be happy with services, may be at risk for litigation or who may be consistently being given inaccurate or non-compliant information.

 SmartListen. SmartListen.

A Value-add module for SmartRecord®