SmartRecord® Enhances BroadSoft’s New BroadWorks Collaborate Platform with IM & Video Recording 

CTI Group are pleased to announce the latest innovative features added to its SmartRecord® solution which will enable BroadSoft’s  new BroadWorks Collaborate™ unified communications platform users to add both video and instant messaging to their functionality. This latest version of SmartRecord® incorporates a number of other key features which were developed in direct response to the growing need to supply recording solutions to multi-channel contact centers.

A multi-channel contact center is one that accepts communication from its customers via numerous unified communication channels. The most prevalent of these channels is still telephone use, but customers, particularly younger, more tech-savvy individuals, increasingly use email, chat services and social media to interact with contact centers.

This latest version of SmartRecord® sees an expansion in capability to support instant message recording from the new BroadWorks Collaborate™ unified communications platform. This extends the text-based message recording capabilities already available within SmartRecord® that allow for communications to be captured from SMS/MMS, other chat services, and social media sites.

Video recording has also been added, allowing audio and video to be captured from video-enabled handsets. The video recording feature includes support for BroadWorks systems and Polycom Real Presence Capture Server.

To support playback of video recordings a new HTML 5 embedded media player has been added to the user interface, providing a seamless web-based playback experience for users, whether the recording is purely audio or a combination of audio and video.

Other major features available in this latest release include the ability to manage security or privilege classification for each recording. This provides companies with the option of classifying access to recordings for members of a privilege group. An example of this is where recordings are classified by role. Three privilege groups are defined – general, managerial, executive. Staff members are associated with one or more of these groups. When they access the recorder they are only able to view recordings that they have authority to view, as defined by the group they are associated with. An executive member may have full access to recordings, whilst a general member would only be able to access recordings tagged with a general classification. The rules governing access are fully customizable.

Trevor Davis, Head of Products at CTIG, commented, “We are pleased with this latest release which is in direct response to increasing demands for multi-channel recording. We have incorporated IM & video recording and enhanced the support for text recording. In addition the new media player helps to deliver a consistent playback experience for customers, with a number of useful management controls embedded into it. We are confident that the market for multi-channel recording solutions will continue to grow rapidly. This is based on predictions that over 50% of communication with contact centers will be via social media within 5 years.”

CTI Group will be showcasing the iCS insight app on 12th-15th October at BroadSoft Connections 2014:  Power Up in Scottsdate, Arizona.  You can follow all activities using the official event hashtag #BC14.

Download the latest data sheet here 

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