AfricaCom 2018

A leading global technology provider, Enghouse Networks helps telecom companies mitigate their risk by making their networks more secure, reliable, valuable and adaptable to change.

We are committed to helping telecom companies maximize the value of their communications networks, ultimately contributing to connecting people globally. Our BSS, OSS, VAS, and Network Security portfolio covers:

  • Wholesale & MVNO Revenue Management: across data, voice, SMS, M2M & IoT
  • Network Resource Management: allocation & inventory management
  • Networks Security: firewalls, grey routes detection, & A2P bypass
  • VAS Consolidation: IMS services for 4G & 5G
  • Customer Support: self-serve, visual network & customer intelligence
  • AI & Machine Learning: predictive analysis & closed loop automation

Explore how Enghouse Networks can help your business maximize the value of your network, accommodate the rapidly changing expectations of your customers, and ensure readiness for the next wave of technology evolution.

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