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Future-proof SMS In Kuwait

Cannes, France 14th February, 2005 – Leading vendor of messaging platforms, Jinny Software, today announced that the Kuwaiti wireless operator Wataniya has given its seal of approval to Jinny SMSC R3.0, the vendor’s latest SMSC software release. The upgrade is a testimony to the strong partnership between the two companies and Wataniya’s intention of future-proofing its Short Message Service for its expanding customer base.

Release 3.0 of the Jinny Short Message Service Centre introduces a range of new features that address both marketing and operational demands of wireless network operators worldwide. One significant advantage is that the SMSC can be distributed on a geographical basis, allowing an operator to generate savings. For instance, signalling hardware can be deployed close to the switches, removing the cost of carrying SMS traffic over the SS7 network.

Franco Ricotta, Wataniya’s CTO, said: “Jinny has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to the customer, by providing feature-rich, reliable messaging platforms that have an excellent roadmap for the future. Wataniya is extremely pleased that Jinny is able to address our growing messaging requirements”.

“The upgrade provides Wataniya with the infrastructure it needs to meet future growt”added Jinny Software.s Commercial Director, Declan O’Mahony. “There are many new operational features in this release that ensure that Wataniya has a highly stable and performant platform for delivery of SMS-based value-added services”.

In terms of messaging capacity, the new release offers exceptional flexibility to support growing networks. Additional signalling and message capacity can be added to the SMSC as and when it is needed. In this way, the smallest system can be expanded to meet growing demand without the need for costly and risky hardware replacement. “The new release of our SMSC introduces an extra dimension to our solution”, noted O’Mahony. “The ability to deploy an entry-level system that can be easily and economically expanded to meet any level of demand brings greater value to the Operator. Investment can be spread over time and in phase with growth. Furthermore, new capacity can be delivered wherever it is needed in the network”.

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