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Jinny Software Launches New Messaging Anti-Spam Solution to Help Operators Maximise Profitability

DUBAI, 11 September 2005 –Jinny Software today launched the latest product in their Messaging Infrastructure suite – the Jinny Spam Control Centre.

The Jinny Spam Control Centre offers Operators a solution to protect their customer’s mobile phones from inappropriate, harmful and unsolicited content and a way to keep their network less congested.

This solution from Jinny Software directly addresses a fundamental mobile phone spamming issue. The Jinny Spam Control Center allows an Operator to automatically detect and block all unwanted content.

Mobile phone spam is a significant threat. Interoperability between the mobile phone handset and other devices brings with it many advantages but by deploying an open model the door has been opened to communication with many sources including web portals, allowing for email to SMS or MMS. Interoperability is good news but it also means the opportunity for spam and virus attacks has increased exponentially. The impact of Spam on a mobile network effects the Operators reputation and devalues messaging services.

The Jinny Spam Control Centre offers SPAM filtering to reduce the occurrence of message spamming and helps maintain the required reputation of an Operators’ Network. The Content filtering functionality blocks value added content like pictures and ring-tones from non-network partners and protects the Operators revenues. Operators can also apply key word filters to all network traffic enabling the censorship of messages or the possibility, if required, to track threatening messages.

The Jinny Spam Control Centre blocks all types of unwanted and harmful SMS and MMS traffic from any foreign network, unlike traditional SMSC filters that only filter SMS spam from on-network traffic.

“The better spam control strategy an Operator has, the better it can keep its network congestion and its support costs down”, said Max Wilkie, CEO of Jinny Software. “Content and key word filtering also provides Operators with an increased transparency of the content of the traffic crossing their network. This is definitely an advantage in today’s information society where there are significant concerns about appropriateness of content”, added Wilkie.

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