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Total spam and virus protection to meet foreign network, mobile messaging threats

Barcelona, 13th February 2006 – Jinny Software today launches the latest version of its Spam Control Centre product, which directly addresses a fundamental mobile phone spamming issue, by allowing operators to automatically detect and block all types of unwanted content and harmful SMS and MMS traffic from any foreign network. This is unlike traditional SMSC filters that only filter SMS spam from on-network traffic.

Release 2.0 of Jinny’s Spam Control Centre enhances the product in the areas of SMS and MMS support and virus filtering. The SMS support enhancement includes all traffic passing through the Spam Control Centre, whether to, or from, foreign SMSCs. All MMS traffic is filtered by the solution, with MM1, MM3, MM4 and MM7 interfaces being supported. Virus filtering operates across Smartphone and Symbian operating systems, with viruses detected and blocked using a virus detection engine. The virus filtering process works on all messages as well as all WAP downloads.

The Jinny Spam Control Centre offers spam filtering that drastically reduces the occurrence of message spamming, in turn helping to maintain a network’s good reputation. The content filtering functionality blocks value-added content, like pictures and ring-tones from non-network partners and protects the operators’ revenues. Virus filtering protects subscribers and their mobile devices. Operators can also apply key word filters to all network traffic enabling the censorship of messages or the possibility, if required, to track threatening messages.

Max Wilkie, CEO of Jinny Software, commented, “Mobile phone spam is a significant threat. Interoperability between the mobile handset and other devices brings with it many advantages. However, in allowing email, SMS or MMS across an open model, the opportunity for spam and virus attacks has increased exponentially.

“As a result, the better the spam and virus control strategy that an operator has, the better it can keep its network congestion and its support costs down. The addition of virus filtering in our latest release means that this product is really stepping up to the mark to meet the comprehensive, anti-spam and anti-virus needs of all operators,” Wilkie concluded.

Version 2.0 of Jinny’s Spam Control Centre is available now and is ready for shipping.

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