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Video killed the radio star, and now aims for mobile

Kuala Lumpur, 28th February 2007 – Nextnation Communication Berhad (Nextnation) announced today the collaboration with Dublin-based Jinny Software, for the provision of Video Ring Back Tones (Video RBT) to 3G operators in the Asia Pacific region. The deal will allow the region’s high-speed network operators to offer their customers customizable and personalized video content that incoming callers watch while they wait for their calls to be answered.

With direct connectivity to 28 operators over 500 mobile networks, Nextnation will provide the backbone for the service, as well as the content. The company’s superior and robust infrastructure can be expanded to accommodate growth and adapt to evolving network architectures and technologies. Jinny’s Video Ring Back Tone Server Solution is a premium application, which is adaptable to all networks and operators, highly scaleable and integrated solution. Both companies are already working with 3 operators in Malaysia and Indonesia, and deployment of the service could be as early as June 2007.

“Jinny is a reputable name in the world of messaging and media processing platforms and we are pleased to be partnering with them in this endeavour. Video RBT offers exceptional and limitless opportunities to increase revenue, one that can be realized via a new business channel of mobile advertising. Also, mobile service providers are always looking for ways to increase subscriber commitment and a key tool is the level of personalization offered. Video RBT definitely adds another dimension to subscriber self-expression,” commented Rafli Ridwan, Chief Marketing Officer of Nextnation.

“This deal means that Jinny platforms will power the delivery of video content to subscribers across the Asia Pacific region. The Asian market is a prime candidate for the uptake of video applications and services and Jinny Software is very pleased to forge this agreement with Nextnation”, commented Max Wilkie, CEO of Jinny Software. “Our strategy for delivering platforms which enable operators to offer subscriber personalization is reinforced by the delivery of Video Ringback services”, added Wilkie.

With the partnership, users will soon be able to enjoy commercial or customised video clips such as a music video, movie clip, animation etc. or even live streams from TV stations. These multimedia content will be configured to be automatically played during incoming calls, special events, according to date, or even specify different videos for different groups of people. Other added value services will include a video portal, voting, quiz, live webcams and sending a video message in place of voice or text messages.

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