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Jinny Expands Caribbean and Central American Footprint

MIAMI, June 20th, 2007 –Jinny Software, a leading supplier of messaging infrastructure to mobile network operators, today announced it has consolidated its Caribbean coverage through its presence in over 17 different islands and mainland countries in the region. Jinny Software has built this presence on the back of its ability to solve a number of key challenges for operators in the Caribbean and Central America.

One of these key challenges has been the ability to support multiple network technologies. From a single platform, the Jinny solution set supports all key technologies currently operating in the Caribbean/Latin American market – GSM, CDMA,TDMA and iDEN – thereby making it a very attractive investment for operators in the region. This was particularly useful for one particular customer, which was introducing a GSM network to operate alongside its existing TDMA network. This is a trend that is set to continue as GSM roll-outs are dominant in these markets.

Operators in the Caribbean are also faced with another challenge: that of supporting networks across a geographically dispersed region. As the market has grown and matured, consolidation among wireless operators has taken place and it is now dominated by key wireless network groups. Messaging solutions from Jinny respond to the problem of managing and supporting network operations that are geographically dispersed, as they offer operators the ability to centralise this critical function. The feature known as ‘SMSC Sharing’ offers a centralised SMSC approach; enabling an operator who owns many networks to share the same SMSC. This solution offers convergence of messaging across all business units (individual networks), reducing overhead spend and maximising profits.

Commenting on Jinny’s market position in the Caribbean, Fintan Supple, Regional Sales Manager Americas, Jinny Software, said, “We are delighted to see our steady market growth on the back of practical and sensible software solutions to real problems posed to mobile operators in the Caribbean Region.

“Our cost-effective solutions support customers with a single platform for multi-technologies and combines Message Centre sharing, which is perfect for group operators with a number of geographically dispersed networks. We are committed to continuing to work offering revenue-generating solutions to garner the most from our customers’ subscriber bases,” Supple concluded.

Commenting on the multi-technology aspect of some of these deals, George Yazbek, Strategic Marketing Director, Jinny Software, said, “The modular architecture of our solutions and proven interoperability offers a perfect option to multi-country, multi-technology mobile operators facing the challenge of running different cellular network technologies, simultaneously, whether GSM, CDMA, TDMA or iDEN.”

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