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Zain in Jordan and Jinny Software Announce Successful Trial of Powerful Mobile Advertising Solution

BARCELONA, March 4th, 2008 – Jinny Software has today announced the successful trial of a powerful advertising solution that will underpin new revenue streams for Zain in Jordan in 2008, and beyond. Installed and tested in a matter of weeks, the solution quickly provided the capability to deliver advertisements over SMS messaging from any advertiser or agency. This solution gives Zain in Jordan the ability to take an early and strong position in an industry that is expected to earn US$18 billion by 2011.

Built on Jinny’s proven technologies in messaging and filtering, the Advertising Engine has the power to deliver tailored advertising in a variety of ways. Whether an advertisement should be inserted into peer-to-peer messaging traffic or as a pre-page video clip, the Advertising Engine – thanks to sophisticated keyword and profile matching – can ensure the advert is relevant and useful to its audience, the consumer. Built to deliver tailored, targeted advertising that consumers want, as opposed to spam, the Advertising Engine is poised to meet the growth and ARPU-increase needs of operators this year and into the future.

Speaking about the successful trial, Zain in Jordan’s Mobile Data Services Senior Manager, Ziad Al Masri, said, “We have been delighted with the results that Jinny’s Advertising Engine has delivered during these trials. They have highlighted the potential gains Zain in Jordan will benefit from as a result of implementing this solution on our network, as well as the benefits that our subscribers will derive from this sophisticated new service.”

Commenting on the ground-breaking trial, Max Wilkie, CEO of Jinny Software, said, “We are once again delighted to be able to deliver a world-class solution to the Zain Group. With the Advertising Engine from Jinny, Zain in Jordan is now able to exploit the expanding business of mobile advertising and take advantage of new and sustainable revenue streams. There is no doubt that both Zain in Jordan and Jinny can build on this success to explore other media and messaging solutions to offer an increasingly powerful channel to advertisers.”

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