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Jinny Signs Exclusive Partnership with MCN to Drive Rapid Mobile Advertising Growth throughout the MEA Region

Dubai, 13th March, 2008 – Jinny Software, a leading provider of personalised messaging and media solutions to the mobile industry, today announced it has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with leading Dubai-based communications company, MCN Holding, one of the Middle East’s top full-service advertising, marketing and media groups, with numerous affiliates and subsidiaries throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Under the terms of the deal, MCN will work exclusively with Jinny and its Advertising Engine when it seeks to buy mobile network advertising space on behalf of its many clients. This will apply to SMS, MMS or other emerging messaging-based advertising methods for which the Jinny solution is ideally suited.

As a pioneer and market leader in mobile advertising solutions, Jinny Software will, in turn, utilise the expertise of MCN as it seeks to deliver guidance and overall direction on mobile advertising to both its huge customer base as well as new clients throughout the region.

Oussama Jamal, Vice President of MCN Media, said, “The use of mobile communications for the delivery of targeted and effective advertising campaigns will grow rapidly and is likely to become one of the most important media of the 21st Century. Our agreement with Jinny Software will make mobile advertising easier for operators and advertisers. Jinny’s technology allows us to go directly to our target audience, but, more importantly, allows us to show our clients exactly who has responded to a campaign, in real-time, something which has not existed in the industry before now.”

Jamal added, “Coupled with complementary campaigns in other media such as TV, Radio, Internet or Print, this allows us to offer something completely new to our clients. MCN has extensive experience in managing multiple media channels for a wide variety of high profile advertising clients and Jinny has a proven track record delivering tailored messaging and filtering solutions to operators all over the world. Together we can connect the operators to the advertisers.”

Built on Jinny’s proven technologies in messaging and filtering, the Advertising Engine has the power to deliver tailored advertising in a variety of ways. Advertisements can be inserted into any type of peer-to-peer messaging traffic, in real-time, and with sophisticated internal algorithms the solution ensures that the advert is relevant and useful to its audience. Employing easy-to-use tools to allow advertisers to deliver tailored advertising, the Advertising Engine makes it easy for advertisers to send their messages to a large number of targeted consumers via mobile networks.

Commenting on the alliance, Declan O’Mahony, Chief Commercial Officer of Jinny Software, said, “It is clear that in the early stages of this new business model for advertisement delivery, strategic partnerships are going to be crucial. Mobile operators have not had a lot of experience selling their multiple media channels to advertisers and, with this agreement, MCN and Jinny can assist in bridging the gap between the advertisers and mobile operators.”

O’Mahony added, “Combining Jinny’s global customer base of almost 60 mobile operators worldwide, with MCN’s position as the largest buying group in the Middle East and Africa, both companies have the technology and the footprint to make this partnership a huge success. Through this, Jinny will be able to bring mobile advertising to operators throughout the Middle East and Africa and MCN will be able to bring the advertisers to the mobile subscribers, increasing ARPU for mobile operators in the process. It really is that simple.”

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