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Jinny Launches Fully-Managed Mobile Marketing and Advertising Service

Barcelona, 16 February, 2009 – Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging and media platforms to mobile network operators, today launches a fully-managed Mobile Marketing & Advertising Service at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The primary business model for Jinny’s new Mobile Marketing & Advertising Service is to provide advertising from the agencies to the operator as a managed service and to share the revenue earned from advertising with the operator. This revenue-share commercial model removes the need for operators to incur the up-front CAPEX required to build and implement the solution. Jinny manages contractual relationships with the advertising agencies and brands, and will invoice these parties for the campaigns run across the platform.

The new service takes responsibility for managing almost every aspect of a mobile advertising campaign for operators and advertisers, enabling them to implement comprehensive mobile marketing and advertising strategies quickly and effectively. It offers the complete range of marketing and advertising channels expected from the mobile environment, from straightforward insertion into application-to-person messages, through to the delivery of Internet advertising and inbound/outbound campaigns.

Alexandra Rehak, Principal Analyst and specialist in the field of mobile advertising at leading research house Analysys Mason, commented, “Growing mobile advertising revenue without over-investing in non-core skill sets and services is a major challenge for mobile operators, particularly in the current economic environment. Outsourcing mobile advertising creation, integration and sales to a specialist partner can be an effective means for operators to broaden their mobile advertising portfolios while at the same time extending their reach to a wider audience of potential media buyers.”

The following are just some of the functions handled by the service:

Commercial Functions – e.g. payment, reconciliation and settlement;

Campaign Design and Reporting – e.g. campaign design tools and processes, and campaign execution over a range of delivery channels;

System Integrity – e.g. campaign monitoring, database management, hardware monitoring, report management and interface monitoring;

Network Integration – campaigns can be run over SMS, USSD, MMS, WAP or HTTP delivery channels.

A major benefit of the new service for operators is Jinny’s established advertising agency relationships globally, which ensures mobile operators will not have to take this complex responsibility on themselves, or establish a sales force to sell mobile inventory – Jinny will conduct all this through its agency partners.

For the advertising agencies, the service allows them to employ the mobile channel to initiate a dialogue with a consumer through outbound and inbound messaging. Customer responses are recorded and stored by the system to deepen the advertiser’s understanding of the consumer, making subsequent campaigns more meaningful and more likely to trigger a dialogue with the target audience.

Cathal O’Toole, Head of Mobile Advertising at Jinny Software, said, “Many of the functions in the delivery of a successful mobile marketing and advertising service to advertisers will distract operators from their core business. That’s why we’re offering the industry this comprehensive, fully-managed service to remove these pressures, with Jinny handling all of the demands of the advertising agencies and brands. So, from the time an advertiser plans to deliver a message to the time they receive campaign results, the brand and their agencies will have everything they need to deliver an effective and successful campaign. And by adopting Jinny’s Mobile Marketing and Advertising Service operators will hit the ground running in the generation of revenues from mobile advertising.”

In February last year the company announced its successful trial of its Advertising Engine – the platform at the heart of its new fully-managed service offering – to deliver high volume SMS, MMS, and WAP advertisements for Zain in Jordan. Since then, the company has supplied its Advertising Engine to the leading telecom supplier, Ericsson in the Middle East where a new implementation has taken place with another large operator. Jinny Software is in discussions with many other operators in that region, and beyond, and expects to make more announcements shortly.

Jinny’s new fully-managed Mobile Marketing and Advertising Service is available now to operators around the world. For those operators that wish to purchase and manage their own advertising service, Jinny can still supply the complete technical solution with its Advertising Engine, and train an operator’s staff in managing the commercial and technical requirements of the system themselves.

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