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Jinny’s Service Oriented Environment meets SDP requirements of Zain Tanzania

Barcelona, 16 February 2009 – Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging and media platforms to mobile network operators, today announced that it has met the needs of Zain Tanzania for a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) with Jinny’s Service Oriented Environment approach to service delivery, which has provided the operator with a suite of integrated solutions including Jinny’s SMSC, Message Router, VoiceSMS and Voicemail products. Together with Jinny’s Ringback Tone Server and Charging Gateway, already implemented on the network and generating high return-on-investment, these products which are built on Jinny’s standard platform environment provide the operator with a fully integrated and effective service delivery solution.

Zain Tanzania required a comprehensive VAS strategy, including a Service Oriented Environment approach. Jinny addressed a number of key operator challenges, which focused on improving speed of service introduction and time-to-market, the need to manage OPEX and CAPEX and the requirement for full call completion and ARPU-generating solutions.

Jinny recommended, and implemented, an integrated solution where all components are interconnected and use a common interface to the external world. With one interface to the billing system, all VAS components can be rated and a single command can be sent to the IN system for charging. A major factor in the selection for Zain Tanzania was the product integration built into Jinny’s solutions, making it unnecessary for the operator to become involved in complex integration issues between VAS components.

“We are very satisfied with our experience with Jinny Software”, says Alexis Indenge , IT Director of Zain Tanzania, “their consultative approach to our challenges and the solution strategy proposed was very welcome and their Service Oriented Environment tactic meets our Service Delivery Platform needs perfectly. Our experience working with them has been very positive and rewarding.”

George Yazbek, Strategic Marketing Director of Jinny Software, explained, “Effective service delivery relies on assets used in the normal, everyday functioning of most mobile networks. Operator inventories already include a plethora of solutions for the delivery and execution of new subscriber services, solutions which, when used individually, provide a specific function, but when employed en masse in an integrated manner, can create their own powerful Service Delivery Environment.

“Without the need for new and complex protocols to drive even more complex Service Delivery Platform solutions, these key operator assets are the strengths which can be leveraged now, to implement effective, long-term service delivery strategies. We are delighted that Zain Tanzania has adopted our service delivery approach,” Yazbek concluded.

Jinny’s Regional Director, Aniket Deuskar, added, “Our strategic engagement with Zain Tanzania on this deal illustrates Jinny Software’s ability to be a solution provider bringing strong solutions to the table and not just powerful, stand-alone products. We look forward to strengthening our co-operation with Zain Tanzania in the future.”

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