How to Maximise the Value of SMS Today – and Tomorrow

The market dynamics impacting SMS usage see continued growth in subscribers that boost SMS volumes but bring down the price of sending one. So while users appear willing to spend more on SMS, operators must reduce the internal cost of sending these messages to keep their SMS margins from falling and to create more revenues from the process overall.

One way is to complement the functionality provided by the traditional SMS center with the new technology and functionality of SMS routing. In the past, the sending of SMS across any network has been inherently unreliable, requiring store and re-try/forward methodology, which had an acceptable success/failure rate, though one with room for improvement.

Now, with more reliable coverage, networks and always-on handsets, it is accepted that there is around an 80% chance that a message will be delivered first time. It is also time to introduce an SMS technology solution with greater capabilities than the traditional SMSC, enabling new SMS services to be deployed and maximize the value of SMS.

SMS core network router technology augments the legacy functions of existing SMSC technology. While it replaces that part of the SMSC responsible for more efficient message delivery, traditional store and re-try/forward functionality can be left to the legacy SMSC platform to maximize existing assets. The technology offers a new layer that enables the operator to do much more than the traditional SMSC, which had previously not actually handled all the SMS terminating traffic on the network.

Read the complete article, published in Neolectum, here.

This article was also published in Convergencia Latina, Telecoms Europe,What’s New in Mobile and Wireless Asia.

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