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Jinny Handles 80% of Messaging Traffic in Kenya

Barcelona, SPAIN, 15th February, 2010 – Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging and media solutions to mobile network operators, announced today that its SMSC and MMSC platforms now handle 80% of all mobile messaging traffic in Kenya with approximately 14 million subscribers.

Recently reported message traffic peaks for one of the largest operators in the country exceeded 85 million SMSs for New Year’s Eve 2009, and a similar number for New Year’s Day, which highlights the continuing popularity of SMS messaging.

According to Portio Research , the number of total mobile subscribers in Kenya is expected to grow exponentially to 21 million subscribers by the end of 2010. In line with these forecasts, Jinny Software is well positioned to capture an increased share of the SMS and MMS market with its next generation messaging solutions.

The Jinny SMSC and MMSC platforms form part of Jinny’s Next Generation Messaging Solutions. Both are designed to open standards and have been exhaustively tested in commercial deployments around the world. Their product architecture provides the flexibility, features and framework components to help operators evolve their service portfolio to include richer and more interactive messaging solutions.


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