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Jinny Software International User Group Conference December 1-2

The trend for information sharing within groups of technology users and industry experts is gaining momentum. Value-Added Services for Mobile telecommunications is no exception. Jinny Software, the leading provider of messaging, media and service delivery solutions is launching a new forum for education and sharing experiences. With over 70 customers and over 200 platforms deployed in 60 countries, Jinny is bringing together experts in mobile communications infrastructure to build on their collective knowledge.

“All our customers receive ongoing training and support from us, but there is always more that users can do to get a better return on their software,” says Max Wilkie, CEO, Jinny Software. “Mobile communications technology is constantly changing and expanding, and requires constant learning. We want to facilitate information sharing amongst our users to give them a competitive edge.”

Attendees of the conference will get a preview of Jinny Software’s technology roadmap, in-depth coverage of areas such as A2P Optimisation, RBT revenue streams and Call Completion, and a chance to see how their colleagues are using Jinny Software to drive their own businesses. The Jinny Software UGC will have delegates from all over the world.

“The response to this event has been incredibly enthusiastic,” says Richard Choi, Chief Commercial Officer of Jinny Software. “We are looking forward to not only helping our customers learn from each other, but learning from them ourselves. A big part of our product development is listening to our customers and evolving to meet their needs.”

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