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ASPIDER Solutions Builds MVNE platform with Jinny’s Messaging Solution

Dublin, 8th December, 2010 – Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging and media solutions to mobile network operators, today announced the successful completion and go-live of its platforms within a Mobile Virtual Network Environment (MVNE) built by ASPIDER Solutions, whose messaging capability uses Jinny’s SMSC, MMSC and Real-time Charging Gateway.

ASPIDER Solutions, working together with a small consortium of telecom suppliers including Jinny Software, based their messaging element on Jinny’s messaging solutions. ASPIDER Solutions chose Jinny Software over a number of other messaging solution providers because of its subscriber-based pricing, growth model and expertise as a comprehensive and integrated VAS vendor. This model is a very important option for the MVNE/MVNO market, as it allows easy configuration of charging to support emerging rate plans, reduced time-to-market and differentiated ARPU generated messaging service offerings.

Another deciding factor for ASPIDER Solutions was the architectural framework of all Jinny’s systems which offers the capability to host multiple operators from a single platform and to distribute demand-based capacity among the various instances on a single SMSC or MMSC. Jinny’s speed to market, experience in packaged VAS-enabling solutions and its ability to respond to custom requirements were also key to its success.

Jinny’s Regional Sales Director for Europe & Americas, Fintan Supple, said, “We are very pleased to have an MVNE leader like ASPIDER Solutions as one of our strategic clients. This deployment of Jinny’s solutions is a prime example of our suitability for MVNEs and MVNOs from an architectural and commercial perspective.

“The ability to host multiple operators on a single feature-rich SMSC or MMSC coupled with the flexibility to offer a subscriber-based pricing model makes these solutions very attractive for a growth market. This deal reinforces our success as a provider of attractive VAS and packaged messaging solutions.”

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