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Jinny launches USSD Gateway supporting service in two mobile networks at once

DUBLIN, 14 February 2011, 08:00 GMT – In conjunction with sister company Acotel S.p.A, Jinny Software has deployed a USSD Gateway simultaneously supporting USSD services in two major mobile networks in Italy. Commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Public Administration, the “Vivifacile” service is set to be the portal of choice for Italian citizens to interact with their public servants.

Acotel enables the mobile channels of the service including SMS and USSD. The interactive nature and availability to all GSM handsets of USSD make it the ideal mechanism for browsing mobile information services.

The USSD Gateway supports both  “push” services (such as notifications of unscheduled school closures or shortly expiring TV licenses) and “pull” services, which enable citizens to request information.  USSD pull services can be designed as menu-based interactions that allow citizens to navigate through structured menus to the information  they need.

Acotel hosts Vivifacile mobile for all 4 GSM operators in Italy. Because 2 of the operators did not have USSD Gateways in their networks, Acotel chose Jinny to provide the USSD Gateway functionality for subscribers of those networks ensuring the nation-wide reach of the service.  Jinny’s previous experience supporting critical USSD services such as mobile banking and mobile self-care gave Acotel the confidence that they had the right platform, and Jinny’s flexible approach was key to this unique implementation.

A revolutionary model

The ownership model and architecture of this USSD Gateway is revolutionary and indicative of a new trend in USSD services: Instead of being the property of the mobile network, the USSD Gateway is owned and maintained by Acotel with interfaces into both mobile networks simultaneously.

This architecture signifies a new departure in the provision of USSD services, whereby the gateway and application servers can be owned and maintained by the service provider or aggregator rather than by individual operators.

Max Wilkie, CEO of Jinny Software, said “This has enormous potential. Our vendor-hosted USSD gateway will simplify the roll-out and extend the reach of USSD services and deliver a consistent user experience for mobile users across multiple subscriber bases.”

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