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Jinny Software Announces Participation in Dialogic’s Solution Showcase

DUBLIN, September 20, 2011– Jinny Software, a leading global supplier of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising solutions to wireless carriers, today announces its participation in Dialogic’s recently launched Solution Showcase, which highlights a variety of cutting-edge communications solutions that are built on Dialogic® technology.

Dialogic’s Solution Showcase features market-tested, revenue generating solutions for service providers and enterprises.  Each solution is recognized for its innovative nature as well as its market-proven reliability, ease of deployment, and scalability.

Jinny ViO (VAS in One) delivers all of an operator’s VAS applications as part of a coherent, well-packaged solution, allowing the mobile operator to lower costs while maximising revenue.   Jinny provides all the VAS services that a mobile operator or MVNE will need for its subscriber base and customers. These services can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • Next Generation Messaging – 4G SMSC, SMS Router, CDMA OTA,  MMSC, USSD,  Voice SMS, Welcome Roamer, Messaging Gateway, Filtering, SMS & MMS Broadcast, IP Short Message Gateway
  • Media & Call Completion Suite – Ringback Tone Server,  Voice & Video Mail, Missed Call Notification, Call Router, Vavoomb
  • Mobile Advertising


“We are very proud to include Jinny Software as part of our Solution Showcase. It has been a strong collaborator of ours, and this Showcase is our way of formally recognizing its continued innovation,” said Jim Machi, senior vice president of marketing at Dialogic.  “Jinny’s Vas in One provides tremendous benefit to service providers and enterprises, and it is a true honor to work together to build a stronger, more diversified communications industry.”

To learn more about the Solution Showcase, visit

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