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Latin American Mobile Operator Connects GSM, 3G and CDMA Networks with Solutions from Jinny Software

Jinny Software, a global supplier of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising solutions to wireless carriers, today announced that its SMSC, Messaging Gateway and Real Time Charging Gateway have been chosen by a leading mobile operator in Latin America.  Jinny Software’s solution was ideal because it could serve and interconnect both the GSM and 3G networks and could also integrate to the operator’s legacy CDMA network.

Jinny Software’s solution is dimensioned to provide high-availability capacity for the operator’s existing and future message traffic. Combined with Jinny’s real-time charging gateway, the solution connects to the operator’s prepaid system using Diameter for online charging.  Jinny’s Messaging Gateway will interconnect with all other national operators through SMPP connections and the Jinny SMSC will support legacy CDMA along with GSM and 3G networks. The customised Mobile Number Portability feature addresses specific telecom regulation requirements.

Major improvements in reporting and monitoring are also planned with the help of Jinny’s Business Reporting Suite for messaging.

Jinny’s Regional Vice President of Sales, Fintan Supple, said, “We are delighted to be able to provide a complete messaging solution to manage a multi-technology network interconnection. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with this new customer during the project phase and beyond. It is a complete replacement of a competitor’s product, which is a significant accomplishment for us and also proves our commitment to growth in Latin America.”

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