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Jinny Software Launches Cloud MMSC

Zero-Capex MMS service for Mobile Operators, MVNEs and MVNOs

DUBLIN, September 19, 2012 – Jinny Software, a global supplier of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising solutions to wireless carriers, today announces the availability of its Cloud MMSC, which is hosted by Jinny and makes MMS-as-a-Service available to operators around the world.

The launch of the Jinny Cloud MMSC is a strategic move to enable operators to quickly activate MMS without investing in the high up-front costs usually associated with an MMSC deployment, and to manage the cost of ownership associated with these services on the basis of their number of active subscribers, thus staying price competitive in messaging.

“Our strategic objective is to constantly innovate to support mobile service providers. In this case, we’re innovating not just in a technical sense, but also with a new business model,” says Max Wilkie, Jinny Software CEO. “The Jinny Cloud MMSC is our first step in providing remotely hosted and managed messaging platforms as a service.”

Worldwide MMS traffic figures are increasing. Portio Research estimates that 320.5 billion MMS messages were sent in 2011, up from 248.7 billion in 2010. It also estimates that worldwide MMS traffic will grow at a CAGR of 18.9% during 2010 – 2015.
MMS-as-a-Service offers the benefits of unlimited capacity, incremental payments, improved customer experience and a higher profitability.

“Operators using our Cloud MMSC can be confident of 99.999% uptime and benefit from seamless automatic upgrades. They can enjoy peace of mind and a lower total cost of ownership where MMS is concerned” adds Wilkie.

Jinny Software will host a webinar about its Cloud MMSC on Monday 24 September at 3pm GMT. To register, please send an email to cloudmmsc(at)

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