Network Operators

Enabling service innovation in a competitive market

Jinny Software has been delivering solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs) since 1999. Our experience of working with both the largest and the smallest of operators has helped us to build a broad portfolio of services that deliver revenue growth, reduced costs, subscriber growth and customer satisfaction.

We help established MNOs extend, enhance or replace their existing infrastructure. Across all forms of messaging, call completion and mobile advertising capabilities, Jinny Software delivers both point solutions for specific operator requirements and multiple service offerings in a single solution. We help MNOs to converge their Value Added Service (VAS) infrastructure with pure IP-based LTE and WiMAX networks.

For new operators or established operators investing in VAS for the first time, we provide a complete portfolio of service capability designed for a cost-effective deployment. The Jinny Software VAS-in-One provides a full messaging and call completion suite, designed to grow as you build success.

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