New Innovative Players

Mobile business for enterprises and content providers

Content providers have been central to the rapid growth in revenues for Application to Person and general content downloads. Traditionally working through MNOs or Content Aggregators, many are now moving towards direct integration with the mobile networks and direct interaction with the customer base. Banks and financial institutions are also beginning to interact directly with their end customers over USSD, SMS and MMS channels.

We work with many of these new mobile service providers to enable direct delivery of content, mobile payments, banking and customer information and interaction solutions.

Around the world, content providers are interacting and delivering services directly to mobile subscribers using the Jinny Messaging Gateway and Direct Delivery Platforms.

Converging fixed, mobile and enterprise communications

The traditional divide of separate fixed, mobile and enterprise communications domains is coming to an end. Convergence of businesses, operations and networks is the new trend across the globe. Multi-play operators are evolving through convergence of one domain with the other and Jinny is at the heart of this change, converging VAS for a unified customer experience.

Whether we are delivering innovative fixed, mobile and VoIP convergence through Vavoomb, or delivering messaging, call completion or advertising across fixed and mobile devices, Jinny is innovating to provide the most compelling, revenue generating services for this newly emerging market.

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