Device Management Tools Top Mobile Operators Wish List for 2018

The year 2018 will be a transformative year for the telecom industry with increased device proliferation, an exponential growth in the BYOD phenomenon and network upgrades. Driven to play to the strength of this tech-dependent generation, the year will see more operators replacing their legacy device management solutions. Embracing next-generation robust solutions will enable new subscriber engagement strategies architected throughout the entire customer lifecycle, successful service activations and better insight at the device level.

Device management systems on most operators’ New Year agendas

Secure a seamless service activation

Automatic provision of certified and tested handset-specific settings

Eliminate fraud from the network

Constant IMEI-checks to black, gray and whitelist handsets entering the network

Drive engagement and retention

Turn each stage of the customer journey into engagement opportunities

Adopting a Next-Generation Device Management solution

Up level onboarding with automatic configuration

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) business model has seen remarkable growth. Network operators understand that giving customers the choice and flexibility to keep their mobile device when joining their network means reduced churn and higher intake. This poses great challenges in supporting customers in configuring their devices with mobile data as a myriad of devices continues to flood their networks.

Knock out counterfeit devices

With as much as one in five mobile handsets shipped internationally being a counterfeit device (OECD, 2017), operators need to fight fraud and eliminate it from their networks. Engaging with these customers and upselling genuine mobile devices to them eliminates the risks from poor components used in fake phones.

Automatic detection powers up real-time engagement

A complete device management solution is ready to go beyond mere device connectivity and will enable customer engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. By automatically detecting customer activity at a device and network level, operators can collect data at each step of the customer journey and use this data in real-time to better engage customers.

Gear up for 2018 with Mobilethink

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