Changing market dynamics

How to drive greater customer lifetime value?

Growth in mobile service revenues is proving harder to find as markets become saturated and competition grows.

The opportunity lies in driving greater lifetime value from the existing customer base, by encouraging customers to consume more and to stay longer. However, the challenge is how to engage with customers in a relevant manner when the customer relationship is often a one-way street and operator brand perception and exposure is low.

Earn customers’ loyalty through relevant engagement

Instead of sending out offers that are not relevant to individual users or which do not reflect the capabilities of their devices, mobile operators can easily create personalized offers. For example, relevant service upgrades can be automatically promoted to users of a particular device model on a predefined occasion, such as activation of a new device.

This has real business benefits: it can help to build loyalty, increase customers’ spending and eventually drive greater customer lifetime value.

The Mobilethink solution automates personalized marketing engagement. Predefined customer segments can be built and updated based on real-time device detection. As a result you engage with your customers in a timely and relevant manner and maximise upsell opportunities.


Segment your customers based on rich data

The starting point for efficient and relevant marketing is customer segmentation based on rich data. For example – device capability, subscription, billing and location data. When the exact device capabilities of a subscriber are combined with his currently subscribed services, it opens up various upsell opportunities. In addition, the more accurate and rich the data is, the higher the chances are for successful upsell.

Deliver the right message at the right moment

Timing is essential for relevant customer engagement and successful sales conversions. Mobilethink Customer Engagement solution provides the ability to deliver messages to your customers at the relevant moments, rather in scheduled batch deliveries. It is based on real-time device detection which triggers the customer engagement process should the subscriber fall in any of the predefined segments.

Capture all upsell opportunities efficiently

Within your subscriber base there are multiple upsell opportunities at any one time. But capturing them and maximising revenue is impossible without an automated process. That’s where the Mobilethink Customer Engagement solution comes in, allowing you to effectively engage with subscribers automatically.