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Broadband Service Assurance

Broadband service assurance the easy way

200,000,000 lines under test worldwide

Tollgrade Broadband Service Assurance Solutions

Broadband service assurance the easy way

Deploying new broadband services over existing copper networks is a great way to offer new or bundled services at faster speeds to expand your customer base. But, keeping pace with new services and changing technologies creates challenges for your customer service and field repair organizations required to install, maintain and repair services in a timely manner.

When Minutes of Downtime Costs Millions of Dollars, Trust Tollgrade

Supporting more than 70 of the world’s major Broadband Service Providers, equating to more than 200 million lines under test and over 100 million broadband subscribers, Tollgrade provides the multi-layered test solutions you need to save operating expenses and resolve trouble reports faster.

It’s a proven solution. Our industry-leading Broadband Service Assurance solution allows you to:

  • Reduce operating expenditure
  • Increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
  • Increase customer satisfaction

One-Touch Resolution

When responding to a customer’s trouble report, your main goal is to resolve the problem in “one touch” – it improves customer satisfaction and reduces your operational costs. But without a centralized, automated test system, it is expensive and difficult to identify the root cause of problems – especially as you network becomes more complex.

Tollgrade offers Broadband Service Assurance solutions that enable you to respond to customers, at first point of contact, giving your Tier 1 representatives the information they need to quickly verify problems and give a definitive statement for resolution in just “one touch.”  With Tollgrade, you can save up to:

  • 25% reduction in trouble handling time
  • 75% reduction in repeat reports
  • 81% reduction in CPE trouble dispatches
  • 13% reduction in network trouble dispatches

Keeping Happy Customers

When migrating to your Next Generation Network (NGN), your legacy access network may not be your main focus but it’s important not to forget that unhappy legacy customers can become your competitors’ best targets. Tollgrade has the expertise to support you in this transition and keep your system operational and available for your customer service and repair organizations.

Our Broadband Experts are Just a Click Away

Whether you are looking to target customers with higher tier services, increase your revenue per user or have faster problem resolution, Tollgrade has the expertise you need to increase your market competitiveness. Sign-up for our Network Survey service and let one of our broadband professional service experts show you how Tollgrade can help today.